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Go Well - Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe

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  • Go Well - Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe
  • Go Well - Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe
  • Go Well - Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe


I still remember one morning at Wolwedans as I closed the door behind me just before six and realised I couldn’t remember a word I had just read in the Bible. The following day I decided to write down what I was reading. And once again, I can publish another book.

In 2012, I started with Matthew, reading one verse almost every morning and then writing about it, not having a reader in mind but understanding what I was reading. If the readers wanted to look at it, that was fine. If the readers also got something worthwhile from it that helped them go through life well, surely that’s grace!
Saamloop walked through the four Gospels. In Get Up and Go, we accompanied Paul through his first four letters, and Keep Going took us through another four of Paul’s letters.

It was awesome to continue the walk through Paul’s last four letters.
1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon were the impetus for Go Well.

I was actually sorry that Paul's letters ended for now, but Hebrews surprised me. Unfortunately, there is not enough space here to finish Hebrews, but we will complete that walk DV in the next book.

I have been changed after travelling through God's Word. It is my prayer that it will also make you walk differently. That you will go well through life. May you help others to go well, too!

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